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Adele Park's Quirky Audio Books

Jitters – A Quirky Little Audio Book

WHEN RADIO AND POLYGAMY COLLIDE . . . Jitters-A Quirky Little Audio Book by Adele Park  is a 2011 Audie Award Winner in the Multi-Voiced Performance Category as well as an honored member of Jimmy Fallon’s Do Not Read List.

Nancy Neptune loves to stir up trouble – it makes for awesome radio. But even the Queen of Obscene is amazed by all the twisted things that go down in the polygamist community of Zion Flats.

For Sandy Wyman, a one armed reporter, sharing a house with Nancy Neptune is like living in a dorm room on steroids. Seeking refuge from the chaos that comes from being within 20 feet of a person like Nancy Neptune, Sandy befriends a polygamist with a host of sketchy habits.

Nadine Mackleprang, a nosy neighbor, is trying to eat everything that isn’t nailed down so she won’t have to think about why her husband has left her for another man. When she learns that Sandy’s polygamist pal is in danger, Nadine waddles to the rescue.

Jitters is a full-length audio book told in first person narratives. Each chapter begins with a newscast on KNVL, the radio station headed by the notorious Nancy Neptune. Listen as a cast of 15 characters react to the events of the day in Jitters – A Quirky Little Audio Book.


The Cast of Jitters! A Quirky Little Audio Book

Adele Park – KNVL News Anchor
Susan Paige Lane – Voice of Nancy Neptune
Kristen Henley – Voice of Sandy Wyman
Desiree Whitehead – Voice of Meredith Andrews
Garry Morris – Voice of Jackie Wu
John Gibson – Voice of Laryl Stratton
Steve Coppola – Voice of Rocco Campanilli
Audio Ensemble: Chrys Hyatt, Tim Porter, Dave Cochran, Doug Caputo, Rick Pickett and Guy Smith
Studio Announcer: Chase Nichter

It Takes a Village

Michael Park – Executive Director
John Hawley – Sound Technician and CD Mastering
Chrys Hyatt – Casting Director
Desiree Whitehead – Cast Management
Jessica Park – Logo Design